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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anderson, Bob, 7 books
Paul Frediani, 5 books
Suzanne Martin, 4 books
Darrin Zeer, 3 books
Miriam Austin, 3 books
Mari Winsor, 3 books
Smith, Ann, 2 books
Jean Frenette, 2 books
Ilchi Lee, 2 books
Lynn Brunelle, 2 books
Robert E. McAtee, 2 books
Fredrick Hahn, 2 books
Pavel Tsatsouline, 2 books
Yolanda Pettinato, 2 books
Callan Pinckney, 2 books
Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy, 2 books
Jose Canseco, 1 book
Kurz, Thomas, 1 book
Ardy Friedberg, 1 book
Stephanie Riva Sorine, 1 book
Paul Uram, 1 book
Randolph Stone, 1 book
Frederick M. Roberts, 1 book
Sahoda, Tsuruji, 1 book
Arthur Balaskas, 1 book


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