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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank N. Magill, 68 books
Lawrence J. Trudeau, 52 books
Thomas J. Schoenberg, 50 books
Kathy D. Darrow, 37 books
Jelena O. Krstovic, 35 books
Burton D. Fisher, 32 books
Gaetano Donizetti, 21 books
Gale Group, 18 books
Saverio Mercadante, 17 books
Charles Lamb, 17 books
Gustav Kobbé, 16 books
H. A. Guerber, 16 books
Milton Cross, 15 books
Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli, 15 books
Gladys Davidson, 14 books
George Balanchine, 12 books
Samuel Holland Rous, 12 books
Domenico Cimarosa, 12 books
Newman, Ernest, 12 books
Neil Barron, 11 books
Lynn M. Zott, 11 books
J. Walker McSpadden, 11 books
Mary Lamb, 11 books
Daniel S. Burt, 10 books
Robert L. Gale, 10 books


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