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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Franco Laner, 2 books
Jean Kérisel, 2 books
A. M. Viktorov, 2 books
Andreas Feininger, 2 books
Francis de Quervain, 2 books
Asher Shadmon, 2 books
Werner Blaser, 2 books
Vincenzo Pavan, 2 books
Rosemarie Klemm, 2 books
Jean-Claude Bessac, 2 books
Giorgio Blanco, 2 books
Jaume Plans i Maestra, 2 books
Lawrence, Mike, 2 books
Paul Benoit, 2 books
Vibeke Olson, 2 books
John Ashurst, 2 books
Somers Clarke, 2 books
Enrico Corbella, 1 book
Anne Ensminger, 1 book
Bohuslav Syrový, 1 book
David Parsons, 1 book
L. V. Pribega, 1 book
Bernard Carayon, 1 book
A. S. Ireson, 1 book
John R. L. Allen, 1 book


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