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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sporting News, 3 books
STATS INC, 3 books
George Demetriou, 3 books
Tom Flores, 3 books
John U. Bacon, 2 books
Sullivan, James, 2 books
Kirk Blows, 2 books
Rupert Moon, 2 books
Matt Fulks, 2 books
David Roach, 2 books
Martin Knight, 2 books
Paolo Hewitt, 2 books
Bob O'Connor, 2 books
Jeffrey Stern, 2 books
Marcus Allen, 2 books
Jerry Grunska, 2 books
Mike Gentry, 2 books
Tony Caterisano, 2 books
Ben Sharratt, 2 books
Steve Ellis, 2 books
Randy Roberts, 2 books
Carlton Stowers, 2 books
Lew Freedman, 2 books
Ray Glier, 2 books
Lou Prato, 2 books


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