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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gerald Gliddon, 9 books
Michael Stedman, 5 books
Martin Middlebrook, 5 books
Reed, Paul, 4 books
John Buchan, 4 books
William James Philpott, 4 books
Nigel Cave, 4 books
John Harris, 3 books
John Masefield, 3 books
Terry Norman, 3 books
Michael Renshaw, 3 books
Bob Carruthers, 3 books
Philip Gibbs, 3 books
Jack Sheldon, 3 books
Martin Gilbert, 3 books
Ian S. Uys, 3 books
Peter Charlton, 3 books
Frederic Manning, 3 books
Alistair Horne, 2 books
Graham Keech, 2 books
Trevor Pidgeon, 2 books
Thomas, William Beach Sir, 2 books
Stephen Bull, 2 books
Stewart Ross, 2 books
Richard Holmes, 2 books


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