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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Hall, 3 books
Ash Amin, 3 books
Nigel Thrift, 3 books
Michael Majale, 3 books
Robert Gottlieb, 2 books
Fred Siegel, 2 books
Cathy Davis, 2 books
Harry Siegel, 2 books
Patricia Gober, 2 books
Hillman, James., 2 books
William Fulton, 2 books
Richard Boyer, 2 books
John R. Logan, 2 books
Harvey L. Molotch, 2 books
Regina Freer, 2 books
Mark Vallianatos, 2 books
Ruth Fincher, 2 books
Barbara Trapido-lurie, 2 books
Gary Paul Green, 2 books
Anna Haines, 2 books
John P. Kretzmann, 2 books
John L. McKnight, 2 books
Kurt Iveson, 2 books
Justin O'Connor, 2 books
Ana Rosato, 2 books


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