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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Gray, 2 books
John T. Pardeck, 2 books
Richard Jones, 2 books
Gladys Taber, 2 books
Margit Feischmidt, 2 books
Jon Fox, 2 books
Liana Grancea, 2 books
Joseph N. Belden, 2 books
Robert J. Wiener, 2 books
Paul A., Ph.D. Rollinson, 2 books
Mark Page, 2 books
Pam Howard, 2 books
Don Linke, 2 books
Rogers Brubaker, 2 books
Rick Steber, 2 books
Jacob Songsore, 1 book
Mark Tewdwr-Jones, 1 book
Nick Gallent, 1 book
Frank Evans, 1 book
Mick Inkpen, 1 book
John Bentley, 1 book
David Dick, 1 book
George Grant, 1 book
Margot Liberty, 1 book
Nick Butterworth, 1 book


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