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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sherie Bargar, 13 books
Karl Patterson Schmidt, 10 books
Kate Spohn, 8 books
Hymen Marx, 7 books
Tennant, Alan, 7 books
Francesco Redi, 7 books
James E. Gerholdt, 7 books
Donald G. Broadley, 6 books
Jim Arnosky, 6 books
Mary Ann McDonald, 6 books
Laurence Monroe Klauber, 6 books
Ted O'Hare, 5 books
Seymour Simon, 5 books
Heather Feldman, 5 books
Richard D. Bartlett, 5 books
Christopher Mattison, 5 books
Carl H. Ernst, 5 books
Berniece Freschet, 4 books
Arthur Loveridge, 4 books
Adam G. Klein, 4 books
H. Schlegel, 4 books
Hampton Wildman Parker, 4 books
Richard A. Seigel, 4 books
Roxanne Rossi, 4 books
Linda George, 4 books


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