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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sherie Bargar, 9 books
Linda George, 4 books
Fayrer, Joseph Sir, 3 books
Linda Johnson, 3 books
Eric Ethan, 3 books
Jonathan A. Campbell, 3 books
F. W. Fitzsimons, 3 books
Fontana, Felice, 3 books
James E. Gerholdt, 3 books
Anthony T. Tu, 3 books
Findlay E. Russell, 2 books
Sherman A. Minton, 2 books
Adele Richardson, 2 books
Dan Greenburg, 2 books
Patrícia Melo, 2 books
P. Gopalakrishnakone, 2 books
Peter Mirtschin, 2 books
Silvestre B. Higgins, 2 books
Carl H. Ernst, 2 books
Kate Jackson, 2 books
Vital Brazil, Oswaldo, 2 books
Graeme F. Gow, 1 book
G. Fumba, 1 book
Jaime Villa, 1 book
A. MacKay, 1 book


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