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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carlo Petrini, 8 books
Alastair Sawday, 2 books
Alice Waters, 2 books
Zhongdao Xie, 2 books
Carlo Petrini, 1 book
Gigi Padovani, 1 book
Kate Christensen, 1 book
Katrina Heron, 1 book
Geoff Andrews, 1 book
Watson, Ben, 1 book
Rob Waring, 1 book
Magnus Nilsson, 1 book
Geoff Andrews, 1 book
Luca Simonetti, 1 book
Jim Weaver, 1 book
Kurt Michael Friese, 1 book
Carlo Petrini, 1 book
Elizabeth Wholey, 1 book
Douglas Gayeton, 1 book
Peiru Shi, 1 book
Valentina Harris, 1 book
Lloyd J. Harris, 1 book


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