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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Benezet, 8 books
Robin C. Law, 7 books
Walvin, James., 6 books
António Carreira, 6 books
Frank Yerby, 5 books
Philip D. Curtin, 5 books
Jamaica. Assembly., 5 books
Pierre Verger, 4 books
Herbert S. Klein, 4 books
Joseph E. Inikori, 4 books
James Walvin, 4 books
François Renault, 4 books
Ramsay, James, 4 books
Baker, Samuel White Sir, 3 books
Eltis, David, 3 books
Stanley L. Engerman, 3 books
Saugnier., 3 books
Rolando Mellafe R., 3 books
Martin Kilson, 3 books
Serge Daget, 3 books
Peter Duignan, 3 books
Seymour Drescher, 3 books
Patrick Manning, 3 books
David Eltis, 3 books
Sir Reginald Coupland, 3 books