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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tim Rock, 10 books
Lawson Wood, 9 books
George S. Lewbel, 6 books
Hans Hass, 5 books
Joyce Huber, 4 books
Casey Mahaney, 4 books
Kendall McDonald, 4 books
Roessler, Carl, 4 books
Peter L. Dixon, 3 books
George F. Brookes, 3 books
Gene Tinker, 3 books
Dale Sheckler, 3 books
Tom van 't Hof, 3 books
Robert W. Smith, 2 books
Tom Mount, 2 books
Rodolfo Betti, 2 books
Rick Carrier, 2 books
Ben Cropp, 2 books
Robert R. Springer, 2 books
Leo Zanelli, 2 books
Anton Koornhof, 2 books
Jackson, Jack, 2 books
Alton Parker Balder, 2 books
Edmund H. Burke, 2 books
John D. Craig, 2 books


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