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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Lewman, 16 books
Steven Banks, 14 books
Philip Henry Gosse, 12 books
Jacques Yves Cousteau, 12 books
Charles Kingsley, 10 books
Sven Gustaf Segerstråle, 7 books
M. Sars, 7 books
Jacques Yves Cousteau, 7 books
F. Martin Duncan, 6 books
Jerry Pallotta, 6 books
Bernard Gorsky, 5 books
Job Baster, 5 books
William Beebe, 5 books
Albert I Prince of Monaco, 5 books
Joanna Cole, 5 books
Sarah Willson, 5 books
DK Publishing, 5 books
J. G. Wood, 5 books
Mary Pope Osborne, 5 books
Erica Pass, 4 books
Kelli Chipponeri, 4 books
Ellis, John, 4 books
Great Britain. Challenger Office., 4 books
Melvin Berger, 4 books
Eric Carle, 4 books


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