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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Basem El-Haik, 5 books
Praveen Gupta, 5 books
Michael L. George, 4 books
Greg Brue, 4 books
Kai Yang, 3 books
Rowland Hayler, 3 books
Rajesh Jugulum, 3 books
Howard S. Gitlow, 3 books
Clyde M. Creveling, 3 books
James W. Martin, 3 books
Mark O. George, 3 books
Thomas Pyzdek, 3 books
Barry, Robert, 2 books
Ronald D. Snee, 2 books
Warren Brussee, 2 books
Peter S. Pande, 2 books
Donald H. Sheldon, 2 books
G. Robin Henderson, 2 books
Paul A. Keller, 2 books
D. H. Stamatis, 2 books
H. J. Harrington, 2 books
Mark Price, 2 books
Alastair Muir, 2 books
Issa Bass, 2 books
Bill Carreira, 2 books


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