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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 26 books
Tony DiTerlizzi, 9 books
Marianne Mancusi, 6 books
Jacqueline Wilson, 5 books
Laura Resau, 5 books
Henning Mankell, 5 books
Beverly Keller, 5 books
Gilbert Morris, 4 books
Alice Mead, 4 books
Jon Skovron, 4 books
Corinne Gerson, 4 books
Dorothy Hamilton, 3 books
Margaret Daley, 3 books
Kelly Easton, 3 books
Lena Paris, 3 books
National Council for One Parent Families., 3 books
Luanne Rice, 3 books
Mavis Jukes, 3 books
Chris Lynch, 3 books
Jack Gantos, 3 books
Laura E. Williams, 3 books
George Ella Lyon, 3 books
Dean Pitchford, 3 books
Sally Warner, 3 books
Mary Quattlebaum, 3 books


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