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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sandra Anne Taylor, 5 books
Allan Pease, 2 books
Patricia Thayer, 2 books
Barbara Pease, 2 books
Andrew S. Trees, 2 books
Josephine Hart, 2 books
Sharon Moalem, 2 books
Amy Garvey, 2 books
Jodi Lipper, 2 books
Iginio Ugo Tarchetti, 2 books
Anjani Chandra, 2 books
Michel Dorais, 2 books
Ray Fricks, 1 book
Mary Terry, 1 book
Catherine N'Diaye, 1 book
Timothy Perper, 1 book
Terry Garrity, 1 book
Sonntag, Linda., 1 book
Jean-Luc Allouche, 1 book
Manfred Hassebrauck, 1 book
Katherine Garbera, 1 book
Jennifer Ashley, 1 book
Sarah Tomczak, 1 book
Blythe Gifford, 1 book
Crystal Green, 1 book


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