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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sue Lloyd, 29 books
Sara Wernham, 28 books
Silvia Finder Gam, 8 books
Nenina Rutschi, 8 books
Diego Pares, 8 books
Silvina Reinaudi, 8 books
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 4 books
Andrews Mcmeel, 4 books
Nancy Delvaux, 4 books
Ileana Lotersztain, 4 books
del Sur Duendes, 4 books
Pescador Pipo, 4 books
David Drew, 4 books
A. de Petigny, 4 books
Selene Califano, 4 books
Federico Porfiri, 4 books
Gisela Socolovsky, 4 books
Silvina Socolovsky, 4 books
Steve Moline, 4 books
Carlos Pinto, 3 books
Sra, 3 books
Disney, 3 books
Carla Baredes, 3 books
Leonardo Bolzicco, 3 books
Juan Ramon Alonso, 3 books


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