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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joshua Slocum, 3 books
Ann Davison, 2 books
Eric Tabarly, 2 books
Ellen MacArthur, 2 books
Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin, 2 books
Tania Aebi, 2 books
Philippe Monnet, 2 books
Philippe Jeantot, 2 books
Tony Meisel, 2 books
Dodge Morgan, 1 book
Stéphane Peyron, 1 book
David Philpott, 1 book
Leslie Powles, 1 book
Peter H. Strykers, 1 book
Bill Dunlop, 1 book
Tom McClean, 1 book
Gregory Newell Smith, 1 book
Dermot O'Neill, 1 book
R. D. Graham, 1 book
Jack Morten, 1 book
D. H. Clarke, 1 book
Hannes Lindemann, 1 book
Gérald Asaria, 1 book
Tristan Jones, 1 book
Alastair Buchan, 1 book


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