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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lucian A. Bebchuk, 3 books
Baruch Fischhoff, 3 books
Joe Tomlinson, 2 books
John F. Ross, 2 books
Petersen, 2 books
Morozov, I., 2 books
Wilkinson, 2 books
Leonard L. Mitnick, 2 books
Joost van Loon, 2 books
Donald George Marquis, 2 books
Barbara Adam, 2 books
Donald Trump, 2 books
Thom Hartmann, 2 books
John Sims Townsend, 2 books
David S. Viscott, 2 books
Nicholas Barberis, 2 books
Wayne Allyn Root, 2 books
Reuven Brenner, 2 books
Ralph Heath, 2 books
Ulrich Beck, 2 books
Paul Richardson, 2 books
Stephen E. Schmid, 2 books
Susan Hayward, 2 books
Betsy Morscher, 2 books
Jeannette Reddish Scollard, 1 book


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