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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michelle Malkin, 4 books
Bert A. Rockman, 2 books
Amy Goodman, 2 books
John A. Ferejohn, 2 books
Mann, Jim, 2 books
Ann H. Coulter, 2 books
Christy Campbell, 2 books
Barry R. Weingast, 2 books
Gayle Rivers, 1 book
Thomas H. Kean, 1 book
Janice Love, 1 book
Gary G. Hamilton, 1 book
John P. Avlon, 1 book
Robert Baer, 1 book
Richard Youngs, 1 book
Walter R. Mears, 1 book
Thomas Daschle, 1 book
Jacob K. Javits, 1 book
Paul B. Cook, 1 book
Johnston, Michael, 1 book
Derek Curtis Bok, 1 book
Metin Heper, 1 book
Watt, John R., 1 book
James L. Payne, 1 book
D. R. SarDesai, 1 book


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