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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noam Chomsky, 7 books
Gary Hart, 5 books
Morris P. Fiorina, 5 books
Mark J. Rozell, 4 books
Matthew J. Morgan, 4 books
James W. Ceaser, 4 books
Barack Obama, 4 books
Abramson, Paul R., 3 books
CQ Press, 3 books
Michael E. Kraft, 3 books
Barack Obama, 3 books
Alan Curtis, 2 books
William J. Crotty, 2 books
Ron Paul, 2 books
Gleaves Whitney, 2 books
Bill Sammon, 2 books
David Limbaugh, 2 books
Carl Pope, 2 books
Harmon Leon, 2 books
Matt Taibbi, 2 books
Edward Ashbee, 2 books
Margaret E. Crahan, 2 books
Larry Elder, 2 books
Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 2 books
Mann, Jim, 2 books


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