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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adams, John Quincy, 12 books
William Lloyd Garrison, 4 books
Samuel Flagg Bemis, 3 books
John Quincy Adams, 3 books
Clay, Henry, 3 books
Ann Weil, 2 books
Jack Shepherd, 2 books
Lowell, John, 2 books
Mike Venezia, 2 books
Sean McCollum, 2 books
Richard Brookhiser, 2 books
Alexs D. Pate, 2 books
Henry Adams, 2 books
Lynn H. Parsons, 2 books
Esther Sturge, 2 books
Morse, John T. Jr, 2 books
Daniel Wise, 1 book
D. Trueman, 1 book
L. E. Lathrop, 1 book
King, Charles, 1 book
A. Judson Crane, 1 book
Francis Jackson, 1 book
Leonard L. Richards, 1 book
Parker, Theodore, 1 book
Charles Francis Adams, 1 book


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