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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lynn M. Stone, 6 books
Norman Myers, 5 books
Adrian Forsyth, 5 books
Duncan Poore, 4 books
Donald R. Perry, 3 books
Ted O'Hare, 3 books
Cassie Mayer, 3 books
John Flenley, 3 books
Anne Welsbacher, 3 books
Rosie McCormick, 3 books
Lisa Silcock, 3 books
McAllister, Ian, 3 books
Penny Clarke, 3 books
Kathryn Senior, 3 books
T. C. Whitmore, 3 books
Mae Woods, 3 books
Anna Lewington, 3 books
Taylor, Barbara, 3 books
Catherine Caufield, 3 books
Carl F. Jordan, 3 books
Hemming, John, 3 books
Judith Gradwohl, 3 books
Susanna B. Hecht, 2 books
James D. Nations, 2 books
Christine Taylor-Butler, 2 books


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