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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
IEEE Computer Society., 7 books
IEEE, 6 books
Richard M. Stallman, 6 books
Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, 4 books
Fadi P. Deek, 4 books
Ed Tittel, 3 books
Roland H. Pesch, 3 books
Penny Grubb, 3 books
Armstrong A. Takang, 3 books
Mary Beth Chrissis, 3 books
Mike Konrad, 3 books
Sandy Shrum, 3 books
Paul Litwin, 3 books
John Viega, 2 books
Tony Loton, 2 books
Dennis M. Ahern, 2 books
Bill Campbell, 2 books
Joachim Wietzke, 2 books
Curt Simmons, 2 books
Clemens Szyperski, 2 books
Norman E. Fenton, 2 books
David Herron, 2 books
Elfriede Dustin, 2 books
Kendall Scott, 2 books
Larry Constantine, 2 books


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