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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pennsylvania Bar Institute, 45 books
Clare Firth, 12 books
Stephen Gillers, 10 books
George Miles, 10 books
Julian Webb, 9 books
Deborah L. Rhode, 9 books
Caroline Maughan, 8 books
Edward Poll, 7 books
American Law Institute, 7 books
Elizabeth Smart, 7 books
Pakistan., 6 books
Zoe Ollerenshaw, 6 books
Paulene Denyer, 6 books
Brazil., 6 books
Arthur G. Greene, 5 books
James E. Moliterno, 5 books
David Sugarman, 5 books
Adrian Evans, 5 books
Marcus Keppel-Palmer, 5 books
Gary A. Munneke, 5 books
Richard L. Abel, 5 books
Germany, 5 books
Lawrence J. Fox, 5 books
Clifford R. Ennico, 5 books
John J. Bonsignore, 5 books


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