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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anatoly Shcharansky, 4 books
Natan Sharansky, 4 books
Ron Dermer, 4 books
Jeff Riggenbach, 3 books
Benjamin Netanyahu, 3 books
Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, 2 books
Daniel Benjamin, 2 books
Kerry G. Herron, 2 books
Tom Diaz, 2 books
Jim Dwyer, 2 books
Barbara Newman, 2 books
Chris Mitchell, 2 books
Kevin Flynn, 2 books
Joseph J. Trento, 2 books
Lisa Beamer, 2 books
Kenneth J. Dudonis, 2 books
David P. Schulz, 2 books
Moazzam Begg , 2 books
The Iraq Study Group, 2 books
James, A Baker, 2 books
Lee, H Hamilton, 2 books
Angelo Codevilla, 2 books
George Buck, 2 books
Victoria Brittain, 2 books
Shaul Mishal, 2 books


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