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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Fritz Behrendt, 4 books
Peter van Straaten, 3 books
Scapa, 2 books
Jo Spier, 2 books
Jac van Weringh, 1 book
Teo Gootjes, 1 book
Dirk Arnold Wittop Koning, 1 book
Jan Sanders, 1 book
Jenny Smit, 1 book
Pil, 1 book
Hans Mulder, 1 book
Joost Swarte, 1 book
Yrrah, 1 book
Len Munnik, 1 book
Dam, Arend van, 1 book
Stefan Verwey, 1 book
Opland., 1 book
Gal, 1 book
Pim van Boxsel, 1 book
Johan Verberckmoes, 1 book
Nel Slis, 1 book
Marten Toonder, 1 book
Rudolf Dekker, 1 book
Christa Grössinger, 1 book
Theo van den Boogaard, 1 book


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