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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Clifford, 8 books
Sherwin B. Nuland, 4 books
David Loxterkamp, 4 books
Edward Ziegler, 3 books
Walter L. Larimore, 3 books
Daniel Stashower, 3 books
Danielle Ofri, 3 books
Sandeep Jauhar, 3 books
Richard Selzer, 3 books
Beach Conger, 3 books
David P. Sklar, 3 books
Sandeep Jauhar, 3 books
Tom Hopwood, 2 books
M. Clement HALL, 2 books
Nancy Disher Baird, 2 books
Michael Sims, 2 books
Sampson Davis, 2 books
Ron Felber, 2 books
Roderick Stewart, 2 books
Mary McGrigor, 2 books
Axel Munthe, 2 books
Andrew Norman, 2 books
Carlo Levi, 2 books
Rafael Campo, 2 books
Porter, Roy, 2 books