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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frith, Francis., 31 books
Uwe Scheid, 4 books
Taschen Publishing, 4 books
Terence Pepper, 3 books
Martin Andrew, 3 books
Roly Smith, 3 books
Michael Koetzle, 3 books
Russell Thompson, 2 books
Douglas R. Gilbert, 2 books
Dave Marsh, 2 books
National Portrait Gallery, 2 books
Robin Muir, 2 books
Carlton Books, 2 books
Mark Rotenberg, 2 books
Terence Sackett, 2 books
Laura Mirsky, 2 books
W. Honscheidt, 2 books
John Kobal, 2 books
Don Macpherson, 1 book
Julie Welch, 1 book
Frank Hawkins, 1 book
Ben Maddow, 1 book
Leigh Hatts, 1 book
Pete Turner, 1 book
Trevor Legate, 1 book


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