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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Germany (West), 17 books
Austria, 5 books
Germany, 4 books
Poland., 3 books
Erich Feil, 3 books
Italy, 3 books
Austria., 3 books
Generoso V. Jacinto, 3 books
Jaruška Stavinohová, 3 books
André Lapeyre, 2 books
Juan Luis Calvo, 2 books
Mauro Miguel y Romero, 2 books
Ettore Protettì, 2 books
Iran, 2 books
Portugal., 2 books
Durango (Mexico : State), 2 books
Stephan Wolf, 2 books
Angelo Jannuzzi, 2 books
Guillermo María de Brocá, 1 book
Michel Dagot, 1 book
D. M. Chechot, 1 book
Friedrich J. Reibold, 1 book
José de Segadas Vianna, 1 book
Carl de Busschere, 1 book
Guido van Dievoet, 1 book


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