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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abel Lajtha, 31 books
Alan A. Boulton, 12 books
Glen B. Baker, 10 books
Eric R. Kandel, 9 books
Erminio Costa, 6 books
Thomas M. Jessell, 6 books
Henry McIlwain, 5 books
H. S. Bachelard, 5 books
Lloyd A. Horrocks, 5 books
Akhlaq A. Farooqui, 5 books
Floyd E. Bloom, 4 books
John Gaito, 4 books
Neville N. Osborne, 4 books
J. Allan Hobson, 4 books
James H. Schwartz, 4 books
Bernard Haber, 4 books
James H. Schwartz, 4 books
Dale Purves, 4 books
Anders Björklund, 4 books
Solomon H. Snyder, 3 books
Leslie L. Iversen, 3 books
A. N. Davison, 3 books
J. Harold Burn, 3 books
John N. Cumings, 3 books
Keith F. Tipton, 3 books


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