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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Don Mayo, 3 books
DDC Publishing, 2 books
Jennifer Frew, 2 books
Curt Robbins, 2 books
Kathy Berkemeyer, 2 books
Nigel Kerr, 1 book
Xue, Feng., 1 book
Michael Cross, 1 book
Michael Rutter, 1 book
Lennard G. Kruger, 1 book
John Callahan, 1 book
Carole A. Lane, 1 book
Ian Winship, 1 book
Karl Barksdale, 1 book
Hy Bender, 1 book
Mark D. Ciampa, 1 book
Charles Seiter, 1 book
Carol Baroudi, 1 book
Valda Hilley, 1 book
Glenn Davis, 1 book
Floyd Fuller, 1 book
Sidnie M. Feit, 1 book
Sara Amato, 1 book
Robert Minato, 1 book
Anthony Catsimatides, 1 book


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