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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. Ric Harnsberger, 6 books
John J. Conley, 6 books
Leon Barnes, 5 books
K. J. Lee, 5 books
Dale H. Rice, 5 books
Anthony A. Mancuso, 5 books
Jatin P. Shah, 5 books
Lester D. R. Thompson, 4 books
John G. Batsakis, 4 books
Jonas T. Johnson, 4 books
Peter M. Som, 4 books
Takayoshi Matsui, 4 books
Randal S. Weber, 4 books
Robert B. Lufkin, 4 books
William R. Panje, 3 books
John Beumer, 3 books
Joseph S. Torg, 3 books
Burns, Allan, 3 books
Terence M. Davidson, 3 books
R. Pasha, 3 books
Andrew Blitzer, 3 books
Douglas R. Gnepp, 3 books
Waun Ki Hong, 3 books
Ira D. Papel, 3 books
Udo Schumacher, 3 books


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