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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Darwin, 103 books
Alfred Russel Wallace, 21 books
Richard Dawkins, 12 books
Stephen Jay Gould, 7 books
Michael Ruse, 6 books
Elliott Sober, 5 books
Ronald Aylmer Fisher, 4 books
P. M. Sheppard, 4 books
Henry Drummond, 4 books
August Weismann, 4 books
Steve Jones, 4 books
Robert N. Brandon, 4 books
Jones, Steve, 4 books
Ford, E. B., 3 books
G. F. Gauze, 3 books
Williams, George C., 3 books
De Beer, Gavin Sir, 3 books
Mark Sumner, 3 books
J. Arthur Thomson, 3 books
D. F. Roberts, 3 books
Michael R. Rose, 3 books
Samuel Butler, 3 books
George Christopher Williams, 3 books
J. Scott Turner, 3 books
David Quammen, 3 books


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