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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Fabry, 9 books
Jim Gigliotti, 7 books
Matt Doeden, 6 books
Nancy Warren, 6 books
Stewart, Mark, 6 books
Ben White, 6 books
Bob Woods, 6 books
Pamela Britton, 5 books
Gail Blasser Riley, 5 books
Liz Allison, 5 books
Greg Fielden, 5 books
David Poole, 4 books
Mike Kennedy, 4 books
Monte Dutton, 4 books
K. C. Kelley, 4 books
Michael Hembree, 4 books
Gina Wilkins, 3 books
Dorien Kelly, 3 books
Woody Cain, 3 books
J. E. Bright, 3 books
David Armentrout, 3 books
Richard M. Huff, 3 books
William M. Burt, 3 books
Joe Menzer, 3 books
John Albert Craft, 3 books


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