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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Harold Haynes, 42 books
W. E. Butterworth, 17 books
Sylvia Wilkinson, 11 books
Jackson, Robert B., 10 books
Ross Robert Olney, 10 books
Stirling Moss, 10 books
Chris Fabry, 9 books
Doug Nye, 9 books
RH Disney, 8 books
Shuichi Shigeno, 8 books
Eric Speed, 6 books
Karl E. Ludvigsen, 6 books
Jeffrey Ashford, 6 books
Ed Radlauer, 6 books
Margaret Nettles Ogan, 5 books
Lyle Kenyon Engel, 5 books
Stewart, Mark, 5 books
Rodney Lewis de Burgh Walkerley, 5 books
Ross Bentley, 5 books
Jeff Savage, 5 books
Nigel Roebuck, 4 books
Anabel Dean, 4 books
Pamela Britton, 4 books
A. R. Schaefer, 4 books
Bill Libby, 4 books


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