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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Rodgers, 10 books
Jack Sharkey, 7 books
Jones, Sidney, 6 books
David Heneker, 4 books
Frank Loesser, 3 books
Walter Slaughter, 3 books
Sir Arthur Sullivan, 3 books
Jerry Bock, 2 books
W. S. Gilbert, 2 books
John Crocker, 2 books
Burton Lane, 2 books
George C. Perry, 2 books
Ivan Caryll, 2 books
Jerry Herman, 2 books
Émile Guérinon, 2 books
Leonard Bernstein, 2 books
John Kander, 2 books
Frederick Loewe, 2 books
Lionel Monckton, 2 books
Jim Parker, 1 book
Sandy Wilson, 1 book
James Alfred Hitt, 1 book
Schwartz, Arthur, 1 book
Lehman Engel, 1 book
Noel Coward, 1 book


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