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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ramakrishna T. Bhatt, 6 books
Claude Bathias, 4 books
A. Pineau, 4 books
Narottam P. Bansal, 3 books
M. Singh, 3 books
Dierk Raabe, 3 books
Franco Pastrone, 3 books
E. J. Mittemeijer, 3 books
R. P. Gangloff, 3 books
Robert R. Alfano, 3 books
Rosario A. Gerhardt, 3 books
S. Ray Taylor, 3 books
Joachim Ohser, 3 books
David E. Rumelhart, 2 books
Keith J. Bowman, 2 books
Joseph R. Stephens, 2 books
D. G. Brandon, 2 books
Maryanne Large, 2 books
Christoph Beckermann, 2 books
S. Torquato, 2 books
Peter R. Mouton, 2 books
Takao Suzuki, 2 books
Thomas R. Bieler, 2 books
P. S. Ho, 2 books
Bruce Clemens, 2 books


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