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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Hooke, 14 books
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, 12 books
Henry Baker, 12 books
Lionel S. Beale, 11 books
Bharat Bhushan, 11 books
Jabez Hogg, 10 books
William Benjamin Carpenter, 9 books
Eduard Strasburger, 9 books
Lionel Bender, 9 books
Savile Bradbury, 9 books
Sabrina Crewe, 9 books
Pieter Harting, 8 books
Gage, Simon Henry, 8 books
Guillermo J. Tearney, 8 books
P. W. Hawkes, 7 books
Arthur Bolles Lee, 7 books
Andrew Pritchard, 7 books
M. I. Cross, 7 books
Peter W. Hawkes, 7 books
Philipp Stöhr, 7 books
Thomas D. Wang, 7 books
Edwin Lankester, 6 books
Hugo Freund, 6 books
Ernst Leitz (Firm), 6 books
Christophe Gorecki, 6 books


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