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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Freind, 8 books
JoAnn Loulan, 4 books
Walter Charleton, 3 books
Karen Gravelle, 3 books
Enoch Heinrich Kisch, 3 books
Penelope Shuttle, 3 books
Edward John Tilt, 3 books
P. Virard, 3 books
A. Raciborski, 3 books
Ellen Voelckers Mahoney, 2 books
John Epps, 2 books
Paula Weideger, 2 books
Charles Mazer, 2 books
Emil Novak, 2 books
Clelia Duel Mosher, 2 books
Kathleen Elgin, 2 books
Erna Wright, 2 books
Thurston Scott Welton, 2 books
Jessica B. Gillooly, 2 books
Lara Owen, 2 books
Mary Chadwick, 2 books
Ann Byers, 2 books
Jenks, Edward W., 2 books
Bonnie Worthen, 2 books
Gilda Berger, 2 books


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