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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gary Smalley, 7 books
Nijole V. Benokraitis, 5 books
Frank B. Minirth, 5 books
Mary Ann Schwartz, 5 books
Mary Alice Minirth, 3 books
Bill Hybels, 2 books
Vince Waldron, 2 books
Sharyn Wolf, 2 books
Zig Ziglar, 2 books
John Trent, 2 books
Margery D. Rosen, 2 books
Christina Simmons, 2 books
Elizabeth Van Acker, 2 books
David Popenoe, 2 books
Vincent R. Waldron, 2 books
Karla B. Hackstaff, 2 books
Jenifer Kunz, 2 books
Paul R. Amato, 2 books
Martin King Whyte, 2 books
Bill Hybels, 2 books
Verta A. Taylor, 2 books
Constance L. Shehan, 2 books
Philip Leroy Kilbride, 2 books
Ellen Greene, 2 books
Mary Bernstein, 2 books