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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexander Wyclif Reed, 21 books
Witi Tame Ihimaera, 15 books
New Zealand. Ministry of Maori Development, 13 books
Patricia Grace, 11 books
Elsdon Best, 10 books
D. M. Stafford, 7 books
Paul Moon, 7 books
Margaret Rose Orbell, 6 books
Duff, Alan, 6 books
King, Michael, 6 books
Joan Metge, 5 books
Sidney M. Mead, 5 books
Mason Durie, 5 books
Mitaki Ra, 4 books
Richard Boast, 4 books
Harry Evison, 4 books
Hone Tuwhare, 4 books
Huia Publishers, 4 books
Pita Graham, 4 books
Paul Spoonley, 4 books
Ward, Alan, 4 books
Sylvia Ashton-Warner, 3 books
Cowan, James, 3 books
George French Angas, 3 books
Gavin Bishop, 3 books


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