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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William R. Corliss, 18 books
John A. Simpson, 11 books
Albert Einstein, 10 books
Arthur C. Clarke, 9 books
Euripides, 6 books
John M. Logsdon, 6 books
David J. Gingery, 6 books
Mark Twain, 5 books
Vernor Vinge, 5 books
John Conduitt, 5 books
Iain M. Banks, 5 books
Kim Stanley Robinson, 4 books
Freeman J. Dyson, 4 books
William Gibson, 4 books
Richard Phillips Feynman, 4 books
Carl Sagan, 4 books
Larry Gonick, 4 books
Vladimir Nabokov, 4 books
Franklin Day Jones, 3 books
J. A. Simpson, 3 books
Kurt Vonnegut, 3 books
Arthur Miller, 3 books
David Macaulay, 3 books
Gilles Néret, 3 books
Robert A. Heinlein, 3 books