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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeremy M. Berg, 19 books
Lubert Stryer, 19 books
John L. Tymoczko, 18 books
Michael M. Cox, 15 books
David L. Nelson, 15 books
Michael R. Slabaugh, 8 books
Donald Voet, 7 books
Judith G. Voet, 7 books
Spencer L. Seager, 7 books
Charlotte W. Pratt, 6 books
Leo R. Best, 6 books
Morris Hein, 5 books
Scott Pattison, 5 books
Gerald Litwack, 4 books
Charles M. Grisham, 4 books
Reginald H. Garrett, 4 books
Paul Young, 4 books
Susan Arena, 4 books
PhD, Marjorie E. Brodie, 4 books
PhD, Dale W. Peterson, 4 books
Charles R. Cantor, 3 books
Ira Blei, 3 books
S.W. Pelletier, 3 books
G. Weber, 3 books
L. Packer, 3 books


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