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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kate Klise, 11 books
Nancy LeSourd, 10 books
William Potter, 9 books
Ann M. Martin, 9 books
Alma Flor Ada, 6 books
Ian Whybrow, 5 books
Sarah Stewart, 5 books
Picard Audap Solanet & Associés., 5 books
Janet Ahlberg, 5 books
Maureen Johnson, 4 books
Benoît Melançon, 4 books
Jaclyn Moriarty, 4 books
Ted L. Nancy, 4 books
Beverly Cleary, 4 books
Mark Teague, 4 books
Audrey Grescoe, 4 books
Paul Grescoe, 4 books
Langen, Annette, 4 books
J. B. Meilleur, 4 books
Jean Webster, 4 books
Lisa Yee, 3 books
Linda C. Mitchell, 3 books
Abraham Lincoln, 3 books
Eric Marshall, 3 books
R. N. Carew Hunt, 3 books


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