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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. M. M. Maeijer, 5 books
Russia (Federation), 4 books
J. D. A. den Tonkelaar, 2 books
Yves E. Lauzon, 2 books
Poland., 2 books
René Izoldi Ávila, 2 books
Vittorio Colussi, 2 books
Raymond Saleilles, 2 books
Peter van Schilfgaarde, 2 books
Kazakhstan., 2 books
Netherlands., 2 books
Lukas Handschin, 2 books
Tajikistan, 2 books
Thomas Brandes, 2 books
T. A. Guseva, 2 books
Henryk Jędrzejewski, 2 books
Anna Grear, 2 books
Jan Hurdík, 2 books
Romano Cristiano, 2 books
Alwin Dietmair, 1 book
Frank Rotter, 1 book
Ademar Franco, 1 book
Alain Viandier, 1 book
Andreas Behm, 1 book
Piero Verrucoli, 1 book


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