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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Association for the Anthropological Study of Play. Meeting, 3 books
Johan Huizinga, 3 books
Phoebe Gilman, 3 books
Ruth Ohi, 3 books
Vivian Gussin Paley, 3 books
Zanimo, 3 books
Doris Bergen, 3 books
Barbara Biber, 2 books
Jean Piaget, 2 books
Joseph Sparling, 2 books
Tracey Moroney, 2 books
Robert Heidbreder, 2 books
John Newson, 2 books
Mick Inkpen, 2 books
Jeanne Bandet, 2 books
Anthony D. Pellegrini, 2 books
Penny Warner, 2 books
Eliza Orne White, 2 books
Various, 2 books
Artin Göncü, 2 books
Tina Bruce, 2 books
Wendy S. Masi, 2 books
Mac H. Brown, 2 books
Brian Sutton-Smith, 2 books
Roger Caillois, 2 books


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