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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noam Chomsky, 3 books
Arthur Rosenfeld, 3 books
H. Anthony Medley, 3 books
Sarah Moskovitz, 2 books
Hillman, James., 2 books
Dejan Stojanović, 2 books
Norman Corwin, 2 books
Reva Basch, 2 books
Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop, 2 books
MRTW, 2 books
Melissa E. Biggs, 2 books
Béatrice Ottersbach, 2 books
Amy Gross, 2 books
Whitney Stine, 2 books
Laura Coltelli, 1 book
Richard A. Fear, 1 book
Lynn F. Miller, 1 book
Tom Janz, 1 book
Irv Broughton, 1 book
Alexander Russo, 1 book
Kathleen Betsko, 1 book
Zheng, Shusen., 1 book
Liao, Yuhui., 1 book
Alexis Greene, 1 book
Michelle Ferrari, 1 book


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