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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joel Mokyr, 8 books
Eric Hobsbawm, 6 books
E. A. Wrigley, 5 books
Don Nardo, 4 books
Peter N. Stearns, 4 books
Richard Tames, 4 books
Elizabeth Gilbert, 4 books
R. M. Hartwell, 4 books
Emma Griffin, 3 books
Peter Hicks, 3 books
James Stuart Olson, 3 books
Lars Magnusson, 3 books
Mingay, G. E., 3 books
Christine Rider, 3 books
Charles C. Mann, 3 books
William Rosen, 3 books
E. L. Jones, 3 books
Robert C. Allen, 3 books
Brian Holden Reid, 3 books
W. O. Henderson, 3 books
Brooke Hindle, 2 books
Leandro Prados de la Escosura, 2 books
Lane, Peter, 2 books
Chambers, Jonathan David, 2 books
Katrina Honeyman, 2 books


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