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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. M. G. Le Clézio, 5 books
Müller, Werner, 4 books
Javier Medina, 4 books
Estermann, Josef, 4 books
Jack Loeffler, 3 books
Miguel León Portilla, 3 books
Steve Wall, 3 books
Harvey Arden, 3 books
Vine Deloria, 3 books
Gabriel Horn, 3 books
F. David Peat, 3 books
Rodolfo Kusch, 3 books
Henri Favre, 3 books
Alejandro Lema, 2 books
Dale Casteel, 2 books
Eugene Richard Atleo, 2 books
David T. Suzuki, 2 books
Rupert Ross, 2 books
Johnson Donald Hughes, 2 books
Kent Nerburn, 2 books
Marshall, Joseph, 2 books
Jill E. Oakes, 2 books
Miguel Leon-Portilla, 2 books
Josef Estermann, 2 books
Peter Knudtson, 2 books